Nadine (paeroka) wrote in house_of_python,

Fiction Archive House Front Page Competition

Hello fellow Pythons! :)

First of all, we have a few new members in this community. Welcome! :)

Now, maybe you've already seen it here (you need to be logged in to VH to access that board), that there's a House Front Page Competition.

It's about designing the webpage of the house indexes on We can submit one design and I wanted to know if any of you's interested in doing it? And how we want to do it? Group work? Or do we want to make stuff individually and then decide for the best?

And maybe I should post that at VH instead of here, but I wanted to revive this community. *g*

Hmm... I think I'm just going to post that at VH as well now. I'm bored. *g*
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