Nadine (paeroka) wrote in house_of_python,

Fiction Archive House Front Page Competition

Hello fellow Pythons! :)

First of all, we have a few new members in this community. Welcome! :)

Now, maybe you've already seen it here (you need to be logged in to VH to access that board), that there's a House Front Page Competition.

It's about designing the webpage of the house indexes on We can submit one design and I wanted to know if any of you's interested in doing it? And how we want to do it? Group work? Or do we want to make stuff individually and then decide for the best?

And maybe I should post that at VH instead of here, but I wanted to revive this community. *g*

Hmm... I think I'm just going to post that at VH as well now. I'm bored. *g*
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Before making it, perhaps there should be a couple of sketches to show the members of what to expect.

When that is done, it might then be easier to find someone to either do the whole thing or in parts. To foster ownership for the site, perhaps subletting parts to different members might be ideal. Someone can combine their works with little modifications. I'm sure they would like to see their own work up too instead of just one person's work.

Just a sugguestion (and the same time, to populate LJ with posts!) :-)
I've already started making two different layouts for the page. :)

Right now, it has the banner I've made for the top of the page, then place for a picture that will hopefully come from another member of Python house. :) And the links that have to be there on the page.

Apart from that, there's also space for text as we might want to have a short paragraph or so there.

And then the footnote saying "All works found on this site are the property of the Author/Artist.
VH and everything related © "

I'm making both layouts in a way that they're still customisable for ideas etc. from others. :)
I've seen the banner, it's great. :-)

Maybe you could specify what graphics you want, and how many, so that some of us can work on them. Truthfully speaking, I have no idea what are the exact things to be placed on the webpage so I have no idea how to help. I have medical leave until Sunday, so perhaps I could help a little. :-)

As far as I can recall, there is now a header banner, a footer and 4 links that they specify. Anything else needed?
This is the layout I've made:

Of course, I was dumb enough to actually delete the second layout.

So you can see that there's a placeholder for some image that represents Python House - it'd be great if it could be something drawn by one of the Python students.

Then I left some place for our motto that hasn't been decided for yet. And place for additional text, in case anybody comes up with anything that should be there.

The colours can be altered and the widths and heights of the colour bars as well.