akuma_river (akuma_river) wrote in house_of_python,

Python and its lack of activity

Alright folks, I know that I new so I will try not to step on anyone's toes.

Ya'll do know that we are losing in House Points to Oracle by 19 points, right?

Do you also know that there are very few Pythons that are active on the board even though we have the most of the other houses?

Are we Pythons lazy? Are we busy with rl? Is there some other reason?

Is it too much to ask that we at least have more members pay at Rotten or the other little never ending posts?
What about our own Tower. I have seen no activity besides myself and Wruyn there for at least a week.
I would like to see more Pythons on the board is all....

So, sorry if I affended anyone, but I felt it needed saying. See my post on the Python Tower, Python's needed in Rotten.

Tell me what you think.
- AkumaKawa
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