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House of Python

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28th April 2006

akuma_river8:30pm: Python and its lack of activity
Alright folks, I know that I new so I will try not to step on anyone's toes.

Ya'll do know that we are losing in House Points to Oracle by 19 points, right?

Do you also know that there are very few Pythons that are active on the board even though we have the most of the other houses?

Are we Pythons lazy? Are we busy with rl? Is there some other reason?

Is it too much to ask that we at least have more members pay at Rotten or the other little never ending posts?
What about our own Tower. I have seen no activity besides myself and Wruyn there for at least a week.
I would like to see more Pythons on the board is all....

So, sorry if I affended anyone, but I felt it needed saying. See my post on the Python Tower, Python's needed in Rotten.

Tell me what you think.
- AkumaKawa

25th January 2006

swas9:27am: Python House Assignment
Hello Pythons!

I'd just like to point you to a thread in our Study Hall because I need your help on it! :)

That's all - do carry on posting at VH ;)

18th January 2006

swas7:53am: VH 11 - X-posted
VH is back! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

*elephant-shaped confetti*
Current Mood: jubilant

30th July 2005

cyanei7:21pm: No, the listening-to of this song does not mean anything signifigant.
Hey guys! I'm just posting to request (via ciceronianus) that you all run over to happybirthdayad to, well, post birthday wishes for AD!

We all know what AD does for us (namely making sure VH exists), and this is a great chance to say thank you, and, of course, happy birthday. ( :

You don’t have to join the community to post – just click on the blue pencil in the community user info and you can post an entry from there. ( :

7th June 2005

mental_assualt11:59pm: I miss VH. I almost cried when I saw it was down. I can't wait until 10 is complete. Anyone have any clue just how long it'll be now?

26th February 2005

swas8:54pm: Just in case you missed it...VH is down! AD is working on VH Incar 10. In the meanwhile, there's Vh Incar. 9,5 ;) Go visit it and keep in touch while we wait for the new incar!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome our many new House of Python Community members. Welcome! :)

12th November 2004

ceddiebear6:50pm: *Waves* Hellllooooooooooo!

28th July 2004

swas7:18pm: Dear Pythons,

Please vote in This VH Python CR poll about the VH Archive Lay-out, and do so before the 31st.

Thank you!

12th July 2004

paeroka10:01am: Fiction Archive House Front Page Competition
Hello fellow Pythons! :)

First of all, we have a few new members in this community. Welcome! :)

Now, maybe you've already seen it here (you need to be logged in to VH to access that board), that there's a House Front Page Competition.

It's about designing the webpage of the house indexes on vh.fiction-archive.com. We can submit one design and I wanted to know if any of you's interested in doing it? And how we want to do it? Group work? Or do we want to make stuff individually and then decide for the best?

And maybe I should post that at VH instead of here, but I wanted to revive this community. *g*

Hmm... I think I'm just going to post that at VH as well now. I'm bored. *g*

8th June 2004

swas1:57pm: GO PYTHON!

Our house wun a House Point for our RPing in the PiP-game. Go us!!
Current Mood: ecstatic

7th June 2004

swas11:34am: House Competitions
Dear Pythons,

I'm sure all of you have seen the "House Scoreboard" on the main index page of VH by now. Those of you with us in Incar. 1-7 will remember how we used to have a House Cup, with competitions and games and House Points!

To stimulate House Spirit and fun activities on VH, such a Competition will be up and running again! Now is the time to show all that Python rules VH ;)

Details about how to win points for our House and all that will appear shortly - in the meanwhile...be prepared.
Current Mood: Pythonesk

2nd June 2004

gittapet10:14pm: Harry Potter Squealfest in 33 and a half hours! Squeeeeee!

::runs off to be fangirly until the movie::
Current Mood: fangirly

3rd April 2004


Maybe some of you haven't heard it yet: The VH Nanowrimo began on April 1 - it's still time to join!

Look here for more information!

25th March 2004

swas6:34pm: OMNIA
It has reached me that OMNIA still needs an article about Python. Its main focus is the "awesome House that is Python".

Would any of you (perhaps in team?) be interested in writing such an article? Basically, it should explain why Python is so cool - surely you, as Pythons, know why that is. :)

Please post here and/or send something to OMNIA!
Current Mood: Pythonesk

14th February 2004

swas11:32am: Alright fellow Pythons - the 19th is our Spirit Week Day, and we haven't been able to come up with anything solid yet (or ay least, not agreed on it sofar)

In this thread are a few suggestions.

Personally, I think it would be cool if we, as Pythons, wouldn't be the only house that doesn't have anything. Therefore, I suggest the following :

- a quizz on quizzila. - everyone likes quizzes, right? Why not a "how Python are you?" quizz? In order to do so, we need

  • characteristics of Python House.
    We have the What Defines a Python thread to help us with that.
  • images to post with the results.
    I like photoshopping, I could do that. Other volounteers?


- we start a neverending called Word-Python (this is an existing game) - Someone starts with a word, and the next person needs to make up a word that starts with the same letter as the last word ended on.
Example : thesis-snake-emu-umbrella-apricot, etc.


-any other ideas?
I had thought about making a collection of stories/images/drawings/associations with Python House much like we did at hurrah- but that's not an activity. We could still do that though, if we want to show everyone what we asscociate with Pythonness. We could collect them here in the Python LJ and link to it on VH.

I'm posting this in the Spirit Week thread as well - if no one has added anything and/or protested by the 18th, it goes official, okay? Just to make sure we have something at least and will not be dubbed the Slack House.

5th February 2004

harvey_dent11:36pm: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELERY!

23rd January 2004

celebmir2:29am: VH-store-ness
Ok, who's near enough to my location and is a generous credit card-owning loving, precious, caring, good, efil, sexy person who'd like to buy me the Python Jr. Spag Tank? I'll pay you! *does her cutest, most adorable pouty smile complete with puppy dog eyes*

Oh yeh, Happy Chinese New Year! :]

4th January 2004

swas8:55pm: Hello fellow Pythons!

Which of you are still Clan-less? Yes, I speak of Clan Destiny, the new and weird game on VH.

Would you like to join the clan of your Founder, Clan McMordrax? :)

26th December 2003

celebmir12:36am: Well happy crimbo all!
Yes, it is Celebmir, The Celery, alive and... well, yeah... alive.

Christmas day will be over and done in a while so...

Happy Christmas Day Eve!

*belts out a tune*

Iiieeeeeeee wish you a merry crimbo! Aaaaiieeeee wish you a merry crimbo! Aieeeeeieeeeieieee wish you a merry crimbo and more money to come!

So... What lovely and unlovely prezzies have you gotten on the day Coca Cola's mascot of 72 years ago roams the earth with a billion presents in exchange for milk and cookies?

Yes, you have to answer this. For the sake of... uhm... milk and cookies. :b
Current Mood: amused

21st December 2003

swas12:45pm: Is there still interest in this community?
Current Mood: contemplative

11th December 2003

swas12:17pm: Have I told you lately.
Has everyone seen the Hurrah Countdown? :)

And isn't it the best thing ever?
Current Mood: happy

10th December 2003

swas11:56pm: Just curious...
Which of you Pythonish geezers is in the Murder Mystery?
Who can tell me how to jump in?

And you do know you can all post here, right? Sofar I've only seen comments :) Just select "House_of_Python" under Journal to post in: .
swas10:00pm: :D
Welcome insidious_nat!!
Current Mood: pleased

8th December 2003

paeroka8:52pm: And another new member :o)
The community's still growing!

adhara has just joined us here :o) Welcome! *waves little Python flags*
Current Mood: happy
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